Neuromics Support Facility (NSF) is a competence center providing services and training in the fields of genetics, genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics, histology and cellular imaging. Our vision is to maintain state-of- the-art, reliable, efficient and flexible support to the main research activities of the VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology (CMN). With the initial assignment of providing high quality Sanger sequencing services, NSF has since evolved into a much-needed center of competence, offering affordable support with cutting-edge genomic applications and years of built up expertise on short and long read sequencing platforms.

Our responsibilities include evaluation of the novel scientific and commercial tools and technologies, consultations, user training and experiment design support in all areas of our proficiency. Neuromics Support Facility is led by Dr. Mojca Strazisar and includes three technological and expertise sectors.



Sequencing Facility utilizes Applied Biosystems and Oxford Nanopore Technologies platforms and services high- throughput Sanger and long read sequencing. We also service a variety of auxiliary applications, including library preparation, sample quality control (concentration, sizing, purity, degradation) and sample manipulations (short and long fragmentation, dilution, aliquoting, pooling, and purification). All activities are fully or partially automated, governed by good laboratory practice and documented using a digitalized environment (LIMS and ELN).

Sanger Sequencing

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We offer access to basic and advanced equipment for light, fluorescence and confocal microscopy. Optimal imaging and analysis protocols are tailored to the biological questions related to the complex neurological diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system. The use of quantitative imaging assays provides a valuable tool to analyze and compare mutation induced complex biological disturbances in cells and model organisms. Services extend to the management and execution of the experiments (imaging and analysis) and establishing networks to access external expertise and infrastructure.
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Our bioinformatics expertise sector manages, implements, executes and maintains data analysis and storage on the hardware and software level. Main focus of the analysis support lies in providing solutions using customized, comprehensive evaluation of genomic and to a limited extent transcriptomic data and includes current, advanced gene set and pathway modeling and annotations. Novel protocols and pipelines are developed to enhance the primary data analysis, which is complemented by different workflows and in- house created or optimized tools to enhance the interpretation of the results.